Meet DroneAid

Drone Aid is here to change the way emergencies are treated

Drone Aid is an innovative service which brings drones to our everyday life. If you suffer from allergies, asthma or you just had an accident, such as a burn, and you don't own the medication, don't worry.

Just with the touch of a button, a first aid kit for your emergency "lands" at the exact spot where you are. Your accurate position is being tracked by GPS, and our app informs you about the arrival time of the drone, as well as where it lands, in case you are in indoors and the drone can't reach the place.

No more time waiting for an ambulance. No more delays due to traffic. Drone Aid offers everything you need for your emergency, and can even act complementary to the ambulance, in more serious cases.

(With the help of Drone Aid, the amount of deaths due to ambulance delays will be significantly decreased, and patients will finally feel more secure.)

More Info

150 million EU citizens suffer from chronic allergic disease

by 2025 more than 50% of all Europeans will suffer from allergy

if patients were threated appropriately with available cost-effective treatments, an average saving of 142 billion € per annum could be realised

Accurate localization via GPS and piloting to the exact spot.

Fast delivery of first aid medication

Easy to use application

Easy to use auto-injectors


Our Amazing Team

George Ntakakis


Apostolos Michailidis

Full Stack Senior Developer

John Stamkos

Full Stack Senior Developer

Eva Balini

CTO & Co-founder

Stelios Mouratidis


Berk Alp Yilmaz


Thanos Kakarountas


Panagiotis Bamidis


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